Airedale Terriers of Aireheart   

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Sans Souci of Stock Lots. Emily was born and raised in the Netherlands at the Stocklots Kennel in 2014.

She joined our kennel in the spring of 2015, at the age of 13 month. She is a real beauty and has a magnificent royal background and personality.  

At the age of 12 month she attended her first show untrained in the NL. This was the Dutch Airedale Terrier Clubmatch. In the female youth category she came in 3rd place out of 7, and received 'Outstanding', for which we are mighty proud. This winning shows that her conformity is excellent. 

Emily has had her 1st litter Humerous in 2015 with Famous,  from which we kept one girl named Madeline. From her second litter June 2017 also with Famous was the Lovely litter she gave us 10 lovely pups, from which we kept a girl named Emma. 

Her Mom is from the Dutch StockLots kennel, and her father from the van't Seebosch.   

Feel free to check out these kennels.  (Mom:  Olympia of Stocklots) (Dad: Crufts BOB Winner: Devil van't Seebosch) 

Viva Valentina of the Aire Victory. Nina also comes from the Netherlands. 

Both her parents hold multiple multi and international championships. Her Sire Flaire Matterhorn for Sher (Moscow Russia) Crufts BOB winner in 2015 and reserve winner 2019 and her Dam multi champion Giambattista of the Aire Victory. 

She joined our kennel in 2015 at the age of 10 weeks old. We personally picked her up and fell in love with her the minute I held her in my arms. 

Nina is a gentle, yet feisty and very outgoing girl, who loves all puppies no matter from whose litter they may be. She is very protective of us, and is the first to sound the alarm.  She has bounce in her step and is overall just a joy to have around.  

She had her 1st litter Kind in April 2017 with our Belgium Sire Nestor van't asbroek as well as her 2nd litter in April 2018 named Noble. Her 3rd litter Terrific April 2019 was with Sire Famous and from this litter we kept a girl named Vera.  

Aireheart Humerous Madeline (20 April 2016) 

Our beautiful girl Madeline, daughter of our Famous of the Dutch Silvercity and Sans Souci of Stocklots (Emily).  She is a true Daddy's girl, in both looks and character.

She has spunk,and has Humour, hence her name, and loves to play with toys, sticks or anything that may remotely look like it could be a toy. Full of energy, yet so loving she enjoys taking the lead. She had her first litter Querido in July 2018 with Sire Nestor.

Our Aireheart Jolly Posie, (Rosa) Jan 9th, 2017) came back to the kennel at 6 month of age due to uncontrolled circumstances in her family home setting. 

When she came we started looking for a new home for her, at the same time Emily's breeder from the NL came for a visit, took one look at Rosa and said, "She is true Keeper!   Beside her crazy ears, she is of top conformity." 

Her parents are: Our Anna and Nestor Magic Boy van't Asbroek. She is a duplicate of her father Nestor, but her character completely is like her Mom Anna. 

Rosa had her first litter unexpectedly by Famous of the Dutch Silvercity, our fence climber. Her litter was dubbed Proud. 

Aireheart Lovely Emma. June 25th, 2017

Emma flew with her new owner at 10 weeks all the way to St John's Newfoundland. Where she spend a beautifull 6 weeks, when suddenly her sweet owner fell ill. We immediately flew her back to our kennel. She proudly pranced into the house where she was heartedly welcomed back by our gang. 

She melted our hearts as we witnessed her oh so sweet disposition. Again upon recommendation from our Dutch breeder, we have placed her into our breeding program. 

We are planning her first litter right after she turns 2 and fully health check by our Veterinarian.  Her parents are Famous of the Dutch Silvercity and Sans Souci of Stocklots (Emily. She is a full sister of Madeline). 

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Oct 1,2019:  Our winter litters are full with enthusiastic puppy owners. Taking new applications for Spring 2020.