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Birth to Forever Home
Your Game Plan to Success

Our girls are pregnant. 

Congratulations! Our girls are pregnant. A few short weeks from now they will deliver their pups one of which could be the next member of your family! Its time to get prepared. 

Step 1: Research! and ask us questions. 

We have gathered a lot of material from health, grooming and training. You can find all this on the side bar. If you have questions, feel free to bring them to my attention! Knowledge is Power, and in this case, it is what stands between raising your puppy for failure or success. 

Step 2: Supplies & Food and supplements.

Its time to gather your supplies. Do you have the wire kennel we suggested you buy, or a safe place your puppy can rest and be safe? Have you ordered your first bag of TLC puppy food and the NuVet Supplements? Do this when your puppy is around 3 weeks of age. Then you are ready and no hassel of last minute errand running. It will also give me assurance that you have everything in place when your puppy comes home. Those that are not ready, just can't receive a puppy. 

The Pups have been born!

The puppies are here! Keep a close watch on your email, as i will send pictures and updates on a weekly basis!
Highly recommend you place all documentation in a binder. Easy to find if you have questions or doubt. 

Watch them grow!

Watch the pups grow as we share photos not only on the website, but on facebook, youtube and via email as well. Its also a great time to drop by the kennel for a visit if able. 

Pups are ready to go home!

Your fur-baby is ready to come home! You must be super excited by now! Make sure to go over the material we have provided.  Do you have all the necessary supplies? Do you have your TLC dog food and NuVet supplements ready and waiting at home? If your answer is yes, you're all set!

Now what?

Questions, comments or concerns? Here at Aireheart, you have lifetime support on your puppy! Contact us night or day, 24/7. We are here for you always!

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The 'Puppy' package

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Oct 1,2019:  Our winter litters are full with enthusiastic puppy owners. Taking new applications for Spring 2020.